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Accused of Child Abuse in Riverside or San Bernardino

When an individual is accused of child abuse, this can be a dreadful and frightening experience.  The report could have come from a neighbor, a teacher, or a vindictive ex-spouse if you are involved in a custody battle.  When it occurs, the individual charged faces a terrible experience – proving your innocence in the charge.  Your children may be taken away from you by Child Protective Services based on the report given to law enforcement.  You now will have to go to Juvenile Dependency Court if you hope to get your children returned to you.  In the meantime, you may be fighting a criminal child abuse case.  It is crucial that you contact a Riverside or San Bernardino defense attorney immediately if you are in this position.

Child Abuse Defense Lawyer in Riverside and San Bernardino

If you have been accused of abusing or neglecting your child or children, this is a serious and difficult problem.  You must get legal representation immediately to begin the defense in your case.   At the Hampton Law Group, the legal team is skilled and experienced in dealing with child abuse accusations, and has assisted countless individuals in being cleared of this very serious charge.  As a child abuse accusation is taken very seriously by law enforcement, they will not waste time in arrested you or removing your children from the home.  This is understandable from the viewpoint that one must protect all children and not take any chances.  However, it also means that those that are wrongly accused suffer the fear, embarrassment and humiliation of being accused of harming their children.  With the assistance of a child abuse defense lawyer from Hampton Law Group, your defense can be swiftly begun.  It is absolutely vital that the attorney moves quickly and effectively so that your family can be reunited as soon as possible. 

You can be assured that the child abuse defense lawyer from Hampton Law Group is understanding, compassionate and has your best interests as the top priority.  The embarrassment, humiliation and shame that accompany these charges can be overwhelming.  Your entire reputation can be destroyed by a false accusation of child abuse.  On top of the damage to your personal life, your child will likely be taken from your care.  It is crucial that you contact attorney Benjamin Hampton from the Hampton Law Group as quickly as possible if you have been accused of child abuse.

Riverside and San Bernardino Child Abuse Attorney

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