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Drug crimes are an area of the law with a broad range of potential charges and sentences. At the low end of this range, someone charged with a first-time simple possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, or illegal pills can expect to receive drug diversion (classes/treatment) instead of a jail sentence. At the high end of the range, those charged with manufacturing, selling, or trafficking a narcotic such as heroin or cocaine in substantial quantities may face a potential sentence of decades in prison.

Due to this extreme range of potential sentences for a violation of one or more drug laws, it is especially important to retain an experienced attorney to help you with your case.


Simple possession of a controlled substance or drug is usually a misdemeanor, and often times a skilled attorney can negotiate with the district attorney to arrange for you to enter a diversion program.


Possession for sale of a controlled substance is perhaps the most frequently “overcharged” drug crime in California. If the police find drugs in your possession, rather than simply charging you with possession, the district attorney may charge you with possession with the intent to sell. Typically this gets charged if the police also find you in possession of one or more of the following:

  • A large amount of the drugs or controlled substance

  • Multiple baggies, bindles, or packages

  • Scales

  • Large amounts of cash (especially small bills)

Fortunately, there are many defenses to a sales/possession for sales charge:

  • You had a legal reason to possess the drugs (recreational marijuana, prescription pills)

  • The drugs belonged to someone else

  • The drugs were for personal use (you weren’t selling)

  • The police conducted an illegal search

Because the range of sentences and penalties can be so great with drug charges, it is especially important that you call an experienced Riverside attorney today.

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